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To write about my hypnotherapy experience with Matt is not as easy as I thought it would be....First there is the fact, that he helped me accomlish a very important task I had wanted to adress for a very long time ....Being in the ocean, head unter water without the fear of drowning....But writing about it is also still confusing ...Tthinking about the more than 50 years this has been an issue for me travelling the world. Fully realising will take some more time
Matt did a great job ... after introducing me to the concept of hypnotherapie he lead me through two thoughtfully planed sessions to deal with my "archaic" assumptions about this fairly unknown element.
I still can't believe the laughter and fun I experienced in a last session, being supervised by Matt playing in the surf ...wetsuit mask, no goggles...well...will meet the surf again in two weeks...remembering the fantastic work with Matt! Thank's so much!!

Irmgard Wieland

I was not sure what to expect from Hypnotherapy, but I am so glad to say that the process and outcome have blown me away.
From the moment you step through the door Matt makes you feel comfortable and at ease. A genuine and down to earth guy.
Within just one month, I feel shifts that I have consciously been trying to make for years. I have left the programme feeling like a different person, equipped, excited and ready to shape my future.
I would reccomend for anyone to give Hypnotherapy with Matt ago. A totally invaluable experience.
Thank you Matt

Katie Hunter

From the moment I sat down with Matt I felt at ease, the comfortable surroundings and his calming nature made the initial experience very easy and not awkward at all.
In a few short sessions I can happily say Matt dealt with all the issues we set out to treat. I am so, so pleased I decided to undertake the programme with Matt and would happily recommend him to anyone who is looking to resolve something in their life they have struggled with. Thank you so much Matt, you really have made a difference to my life.

Dan Cousins

As I already knew Matt I was a little apprehensive about how open I would feel able to be. Matt took the time to explain Hypnotherapy, and how it works. His knowledge and conviction put me completely at ease and open to the changes I was looking for. I started to feel positive changes by the end of the first session and by the 3rd I was noticing a shift in my behaviour. I recommend Algarve Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to make positive changes and Matt with his Knowledge and professionalism is second to none.

Rachel Snow

Like many people i have tried a few ways to give up smoking in the last 30 years, never tried hypnotherapy though and now i wish id done it a long time ago!
Matt was great from the moment he opened his door, making me feel comfortable and informed about the process. This felt like my last chance to give up and it paid off, the magic happened and i havent had a ciggy since!
Would highly recommend Matt to anyone wishing to start again, down a non-smokers path!

Richard Wolf

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