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Part One -
Core Skills Of 
08 - 12 May 2023
1:00pm - 7:00pm

Lead Trainer Michael Carroll, this module is available for you to study online. 


During these first five days, led by Michael Carroll, you will learn the Core Skills of NLP to give you a solid working base for Part Two and Three of this course. The skills you will learn can be applied in all walks of life where communication excellence, peak performance, rapport, goal setting and personal change are invaluable assets.


Foundation knowledge forms the base for any learning endeavour and paves the way for excellence at the more advanced levels. This module is designed to give you a solid NLP base required for mastering the specialist NLP coaching and New Code NLP skills you will learn in module two.


The learnings from module one, will have a lifelong application for use across different areas ranging from family communication, to business influence and life leadership. NLP is often referred to as the study of excellence, and this module goes to the core of that principle offering you a unique opportunity to address what has held you back previously and reach for excellence across all life areas.


Part One - Your Learning Points



  • Acute observation and pattern detection skills – building visual and auditory awareness to calibrate the subtleties in body language and tonal shifts in clients

  • Non verbal influence by entering another person’s world

  • Leading non verbally through micro muscle mirroring

  • Multi level communication approaches - overlapping language from the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic systems

  • Linguistic re-modelling, active listening skills to enable a person to naturally re-language a problem into a solution

  • Language detection and utilisation, listening to and utilising person’s preferred channel of speech to make deep connections

  • Perceptual awareness, constructing rich mental maps for understanding motivation and intention in self and other, and gaining objectivity as observer

  • Anchoring – the art and skill of capturing and manoeuvring states to blow out problems and have instant access to resources

  • Submodalities - the core structure of our internal awareness, how to change the subtleties.


After Part One, you will have a precise skill set for enhanced business and personal relationships, tools for linguistic excellence for engagement and influence and strategies to coach yourself and others from limiting mindsets to mental maps which are more constructive.

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