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Part Two - 
New Code NLP For Coaching Excellence

14th - 21st May 2023

3:00pm - 9:00pm
with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair & Michael Carroll


New Code NLP is the core methodology in Part two and incorporates models which provide rapid and lasting change. New Code NLP emerged in NLP in the post Grinder / Bandler years to provide a radical framework for a more efficient form of NLP that utilises high performance states in the change process. New Code NLP is constantly developing and you are assured of the latest coaching models. 


This module stands out as it incorporates New Code NLP TM  as a primary model for coaching as well as the specialist dynamic coaching formats designed and utilised by the trainers in their own coaching practices.


John and Carmen teach five days of the course, directly via live stream to our Live Training Venue and Michael teaches two day, via live stream. 


John, Carmen and Michael have been delivering to satellite venues since 2020. The satellite classes were initially set up in the pandemic for people to be able to attend NLP Classes in smaller groups and without intercontinental travel. The method has proven popular, so it is being continued by The NLP Academy to provide people with local NLP Training.   

The evaluation day takes place on the 21 May 2023 where participants will participate in a series of practical exercises to demonstrate their skill and competency on what was covered during the course.


The following certificate will be awarded on completion of successful evaluation:

  • NLP Practitioner Classic Code

  • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence

Part Two - Your Learning Points

  • New Code NLP Change Format – the way to set up the change format for state transference to be an automatic process

  • State erasers – formats for wiping clean historic states which carry fear, anxiety and stress

  • State optimisers - a key element of New Code NLP for high performance to be natural

  • Working with the unconscious mind – setting up a robust communication system between conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to ecologically harness previously offline resources

  • Working with extreme unwanted states, which come so quickly a person loses control or build incrementally the client is not aware of the negative shift until they are immersed and stuck in an unwanted state

  • The Three Stage Coaching Protocol to work at the levels of problem construction, leveraging resources, and setting up an exciting future

  • Non linear coaching – utilising non verbal communication, provocation, misdirection, tasking, active metaphors and other 

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