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A few myths and misconceptions, explained.

What is Hypnosis and how does it feel?

Hypnosis is an extreme level of relaxation with heightened awareness. It's a natural  process that we all experience many times every day. Hypnosis provides us a chance for enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. Everyone experiences this in different ways. For most people, it is a deeply relaxing experience of calm and peacefulness.

Who is in control ?

As the client you are always in full control of what you do or say. There is no chance of anyone telling secrets or revealing things about themself they feel to be inappropriate. During Hypnosis, free will is always maintained.
The worst thing that can happen during Hypnosis is that nothing will happen.

Can I be Hypnotised / will it work on me ?

We all experience natural states of Hypnosis throughout the day. From the natural, normal process of waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, hypnotic states are present constantly. The act of driving long distance, watching a really good movie, remembering events from the past, even reading content on a website. We all share the same hardware, therefore we are all capable of being guided into Hypnosis and having an upgrade.

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