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International NLP Coaching Certification

International NLP Coaching Certification


International NLP Coaching Certification, is an additional option for those learners who seek accreditation as an International NLP Coach through ITCA (The International Trainers and Coaching Academy of NLP)


This evaluation takes place 4- 12 weeks after the course. The coach arranges a live client session in his/her own place of work and conducts the coaching session following the coaching assessment criteria. The session will be between 45 minutes and one hour and observed by an NLP Academy evaluator. After the session the coach will receive video feedback in his or her performance and if the evaluation is successful will be awarded certification as an International NLP Coach.

When the coach passes this evaluation, they will be awarded certification as an:


  • International NLP Coach

Coaching is one of the most exciting and rewarding applications of NLP. It is also one of the most prosperous with NLP trained coaches creating an abundant lifestyle for themselves, whilst stimulating change, creativity and choice for clients. This course is for those who have started their NLP journey and are now seeking to upgrade their skills to commence a coaching based career, or want to incorporate coaching into their current profession. This International Certification has all the components to propel you into something very exciting.

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