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About Algarve Hypnotherapy


Hi and welcome to Algarve Hypnotherapy I am Matt Shears, an English, registered clinical hypnotherapist and Internationally Certified New Code NLP Coach living in Lagos, Portugal. For almost two decades I made my living from the Atlantic Ocean teaching people to surf. Over the years I was lucky enough to experience many different personality types, each of whom displayed similar limitations in their ability to believe they could ever either learn to surf or have a life doing what they wanted to be doing. 

I always thought that this was a curious attitude to have? The more people I taught, and the more friendships I made while doing so, made me realise that a great number of people in the world are convinced "they can not". My own personal experience, and the experience of watching others, overcoming sometimes paralysing mental blockages seemed a long way away from surfing!

I decided to explore further the idea of what I thought were selfimposed

limitations and why they occur. I began to discover a whole new way of understanding and experiencing my life. The very real conclusion that these limitations are neither self imposed, nor pre determined,and that anyone can change any part of their life at anytime, seemed a revelation,

I had to learn more.

Whilst earning my Dyp. in Hypnotherapy, I become convinced by the power of the subconscious mind and its role in creating the reality we individually experience. Since then, I have felt compelled to help others realise this. To discover, as I did, that we are all capable of achieving exactly who and

how we want our lives to be. That the happiness, success and freedom to enjoy our lives the way we dream about need not be a dream. 


“Allow yourself to see what you dont allow your self to see”

Milton H Erickson

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What Is Hypnotherapy And How Can It Help Me?

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Drop me a line or give me a call to arrange your free initial consultation. 

Absoulutly free of charge, with no obligation to move forward if you do not feel comfortable.

Make the changes you deserve for a better future.

I hope to see you soon 

Best regards

Matt Shears


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